Friday, April 11, 2008

Bourbon and BBQ - we are in Kentucky, after all!

Mark’s Feed Store-BBQ

At the NCPH conference in Kansas City where we had BBQ every night-my friend and colleague Cathy Stanton and I have developed a NCPH conference pilgrimage for BBQ. Since we were both jonesing for some BBQ, we asked where can one get a good BBQ dinner. Several locals suggested Mark’s Feed Store-so off myself and Cathy and another colleague went on our what seems to have become a NCPH conference pilgrimage for good BBQ. We both concurred that while Mark’s Feed store was quite good BBQ-it was no Arthur Bryant’s of Kansas City. However, their buttermilk crunch ice cream sundae with caramel and nuts was a pretty damn good ending to a very eventful day.


Being a scotch drinker, I thought I would venture into the world of bourbon while down here and try some brands I normally would not get in the ol’ north city of Philly and perhaps blog about them as well as the conference. So tonight I tried Elijah Craig Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky. Quite nice, smooth and full-bodied and was enjoyed immensely especially after that wonderful buttermilk crunch sundae, but I have to say I still like the peaty, dirt flavor of scotch. But want to try as many different bourbon’s as possible while here in Kentucky-so suggestions are welcome.

Kelly Britt


Larry Cebula said...

You are going to be hurting in Providence next year!

Steven Lubar said...

True, Providence is famous for neither bourbon nor bbq. We might arrange for chow mein sandwiches, quahog chowder, and coffee milk, though...